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So they’re referencing the Sam Raimi trilogy universe judging from the Spidey on the wall, but this picture is from the videogame, yet it features an MCU side character (Vulture), but there isn’t actually a Spider-Man in the film, and the film isn’t in the MCU. Makes sense.

Any other elderly directors wanna jump on the hate train and blindly (and pettily) discredit something they know nothing about?


I felt like drawing something girly today and remembered that Wasp is one of the girliest characters ever(at least in the old comics, I don’t know about the newer ones), so I took her as a loose inspiration 🙂

This is also a little test for a super easy glimmer effect.   


Character —> Rita Wayword || Spiral 


Meggan: the Elemental by Alan Davis


It’s been a dark weekend. 


Beta Ray Bill warmup sketch

Cosmic ghost rider warmup sketch


loved this pair:)

Cable and X-Force (2012)