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amazing spider-man #062 (1968)

death of inhumans? now the show flopped and disney getting the xmen back its time to say goodbye to mutants lite huh?

The classic Jack Kirby era Inhumans were actually amazing. They were mysterious and powerful cosmic heroes that lived in an isolated futuristic society in space. It makes me both sad and angry just how badly Ike Perlmutter damaged them by stripping them of everything that made them unique and forcing them into the spotlight at the expense of the X-Men, and then rushing out that terrible show to try and cash in on that. Now the general public just see them as these lame mutant rip-offs that he turned them into and they were so much more than that before he got his hands on them. He destroyed the credibility and popularity of the IP, possibly forever. 


The title will debut in July and be written by Donny Cates. It’s not yet clear whether this will be a mini-series or a one-shot!

why they cancelled inhumans it could have grown into something better like aos did

I respectfully disagree. The show was embarrassingly bad on all levels and I’m not sad to see it get cancelled. It should have been cancelled before it ever even aired. Hated everything about it from the casting, to the visuals, to the storyline. My only wish now is that they announce that it’s no longer considered part of the MCU so they can one day reboot it properly as a big-budget movie. One can dream. 


‘Inhumans’ will not be returning for a second season on ABC.