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Which translates to: “Sony are cash-grabbing big wigs that would rather collapse a successful property all because they don’t know how to play fairly”.

Sony had relentlessly and tirelessly hindered Marvel for years… But at long last, they finally came to an agreement and allowed one of the biggest superheroes in history to play ball with the highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Alas, clearly it was short-lived. Of course, how foolish of us to think Sony could cooperate with another company at all, let alone harmoniously. Ah well, Spidey had a good run in the MCU, right? We should be grateful he even got this far, right?


Sony have yanked the character away from infinitely more-capable hands, not only at a time where he’s in the process of being delicately developed into the next big Avenger, but right after a killer cliffhanger… which to me puts into perspective just how little Sony cares about anything. This is going to wound the MCU and the story they’re passionately telling, and they probably enjoy that notion.

I don’t know what you guys’ opinions are on the Venom movie, or the upcoming Morbius movie, but they’re clearly exploits of big comic book names for the sake of money, because they know they’ll sell tickets (especially with the purposeful casting of certified heartthrobs Tom Hardy and Jared Leto). If you want my further opinion, I reckon the only reason (other than money) they’re making these literally-pointless films outside of the MCU was out of spite; to prove to themselves that they can still make whatever films they want, and to prevent the MCU from using those characters.

Well, it looks like Spidey is back to being all alone. There’s so many questions. What’s to happen to the MCU’s version of the webslinger? Will Tom Holland still play Spidey and will it still be part of the MCU, simply lacking the directional oversight of Disney/Kevin Feige? Will Jon Watts be directing again, or will he be scared away by Sony’s inevitable/unnecessary directional input? If Tom still plays him, will it start where Far From Home left off, or will it be a completely fresh rendition outside of the MCU? If he’s suddenly gone from the MCU, how will Marvel’s plans be effected?

Sony are selfish pigs in my eyes. I refuse to watch any future Spidey-related films by them if they’re outside of the MCU (except for the animated Spiderverse franchise, since that’s clearly made by passionate artists). They could potentially be throwing a huge spanner in the works for Marvel Studios, all because of money. They’re well aware of the millions upon millions of Spidey and MCU fans, and the effect this character and other superheroes have on their lives in terms of interests and pop culture.

Marvel Studios were clearly paving a grand future for the character as part of the most successful franchise in history… Sony are well aware of this. I cannot think of Sony and whatever future they have for Spider-Man without thinking how unjust, pointless and selfish it all is. Yes, Sony do own the property yada, yada… But I don’t care. If they truly cared for the property, they’d be more open to flexibility, cooperation and even a little compliance when it came to working with the MCU, since they’re clearly the biggest and best cinematic universe franchise to date, in every aspect there is. (I’m not talking about personal opinions – the MCU is simply the most successful one out there, no matter the aspect it’s measured by). Even if you personally don’t like it, it’s true). If the future of Spidey is completely separate to the MCU (where he belongs) then I hope Tom Holland wants no part of it. Let’s face it, without Tom of Marvel Studios behind Sony, it’s gonna fall flat in every way, shape or form.

I say hope, because that’s all we as fans can do at this point. Just look back at James Gunn; he was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3… it seemed for definite and irreversible… but things were worked out and now he’s back. I’m hoping this Sony ordeal will eventually be mended somehow, but I’m lacking in optimism.

The MCU: Ran by passionate filmmakers that know what they’re doing, with a family-like cast like no other, with an unrivalled fan base – fans so diehard because of trust earnt, through 23 incredible movies, each unique, yet part of a thoroughly thought out story that shows no signs of stopping.

Sony: Greedy assholes that care not for the effects their selfish actions bring, thus jeopardising the MCU’s future, all because they can. A company that will no doubt pump out unnecessary movies like factory-made sausages for the sake of money.

Yeah, Disney’s priority is gonna be money too, but at least they’ve entrusted passionate people to run Marvel Studios so people actually enjoy their movies and can justify such an unprecedented fandom. Far From Home was Sony’s highest grossing film ever, but no, they’re still like, “Nah, we still want more money and more ownership”. Dicks.

What are your thoughts? Let me know…


Moving forward, who do you think the next iconic trio will be?


We all knew these were coming, but now we know when:

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Fall 2020

WandaVision, Spring 2021

Loki, Spring 2021

What If…?, Summer 2021

Hawkeye, Fall 2021

Things worth mentioning: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will feature Daniel Brühl returning as Zemo. WandaVision will feature an older Monica Rambeau from the Captain Marvel movie, and the end events of the show will roll straight into the Doctor Strange sequel (check my blog for the movie slate). The Loki show will follow the 2012 version of the God of Mischief that teleported away in the alternate Endgame timeline, which means he’s still ‘evil’ and up to no good. What If…? will be Marvel Studios’ first animated show, and will feature 25 MCU actors returning to provide voice acting. Hawkeye will focus on Clint as his time as Ronin, as well as the passing of the torch to Kate Bishop.


So, I got home from work and after involuntarily napping, I woke up and looked across to my Infinity Gauntlet on the shelf… then I wondered… what would I use the Infinity Stones for?

– I want the Mind stone to rid my head of stress and anxiety, as well as know what other people are thinking about me so that I’m not constantly paranoid

– The Power stone to strengthen my weakening will to live, and to provide me with the much needed daily energy I require

– The Space stone to escape social interactions in an instant, and locate the remotest of locations to hide within

– The Reality stone to make myself truly invisible to the world, and to manifest my inner demons into living beings, so then I at least have people to talk to

– The Time stone to rewind my life and do stuff for myself instead, to see how differently my life would’ve panned out

– And the Soul stone to deactivate my existence whenever I deem myself unfit to function, sort of like a ‘Hibernate Mode’

What about you guys?


I’ve waited a great deal of time not posting Endgame spoilers, far longer than most, so I’m very sorry if you still somehow haven’t seen the movie yet, but I won’t be shying away from spoilery content from here on out I’m afraid!


INSPIRED BY “The Amazing Spider-Man” ISSUE #311


This trailer contains Endgame spoilers, so if you haven’t watched it yet, run to the cinema, watch it, then run back here and check out this trailer because it’s awesome!