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West Coast Avengers #10


Bobbi pretending to be Nat to mess with Clint

I love this so much

Hawkeye vol.4 #19 (2014) – The Stuff What Don’t Get Spoke

Marvel Team-Up vol.1 #22 (1974) – The Messiah Machine!

Hawkeye Vol. 5 #14

whys hawkeye not in the iw trailer?

Well, (no spoilers) for those who have seen the leaked set photos, you known they are going to do something from the comics with Hawkeye and they probably didn’t want to spoil it in the first trailer. Also worth noting that Ant-man didn’t appear either!

who is next to maria hill in the photo shoot?

That is Linda Cardellini who plays Hawkeye’s wife Laura. She first appeared in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’!