Description: Choosing to watch Avengers Infinity War for the 100th time when given the oppirtunity to watch any other movie at life’s disposal – a sudden urge to drop all plans, big or small, so that you can watch Avengers Infinity War – the isolation that ensues when all of your friends and family leave you because they’re sick to death of hearing you not only talking about Avengers Infinity War, but recommending that they watch it also, regardless of whether they’ve done so.

Symptoms Include: A constant humming of the Avengers Theme whilst awake, dreaming a vivid rewatching of Avengers Infinity War whilst asleep, buying Marvel merchandise but never finding the time to open the packages and admire your purchases because you’re halfway through watching Avengers Infinity War, and lastly, quoting the movie flawlessly from start to finish, even going so far as to mimic the voices of each and every character, as well as the sound effects.

Treatments: No definitive cures have been found as of yet, though Doctors speculate that the Avengers 4 trailer will at least avert the attention of those suffering with Avengeritus, however, many mental health experts worry that the illness will worsen and evolve upon the release of Avengers 4. DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to relieve someone of their copy of Avengers Infinity War, as this will lead to incomprehensible hysteria, and in some cases death.