comic con is next week! hope they drop the cap…

comic con is next week! hope they drop the captain marvel trailer

It’s already been confirmed that Marvel Studios are skipping Hall H at Comic-Con this year. The usual panel where they bring out the casts and announce new movies, trailers, posters, and casting announcements isn’t happening this year unfortunately, so no ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer. 

Fox have also confirmed that the only movie they’ll be presenting this year is ‘The Predator’, so nothing from ‘Dark Phoenix’ or ‘New Mutants’ either. 

This year pretty much relies on Sony for the big Marvel-related reveals. Expect a brand new ‘Venom’ trailer, something new from ‘Into the Spider-verse’, and maybe some new info on their other upcoming movies such as ‘Morbius’. 

There will be a small 10th Anniversary booth for the MCU outside of Hall H where they’ll probably hand out posters and stuff, but nothing major.

Marvel Television are still going with panels for Iron Fist, Legion, and Cloak and Dagger. Expect the first trailer for ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 to drop here!

Marvel Animation will also be having a panel where they’ve teased new announcements.

And that’s about everything. Overall, it’s a pretty quiet Comic-Con for Marvel this year compared to what we’re used to!